Decip is a family owned company, established 25 years ago. We are dealer’s of machine tools for turning, milling and grinding operations. Our market is the east side of the France and we also have capabilities in the west side of France. We generally concentrate on the French market. However if you are not located in France and you have an interest in any of our products, we can give your details to the supplier of the product.

Our strategy focus on reactivity, has orientated our company organisation. Today we have 26 people of which 13 are original product trained technical engineers.

Our customers expect and receive a quick answer for applications, technical problems and machines requests.
On average we are able today to achieve a response time of 0.7 day to restart a machine after a fault (Results from years 2008 and 2009). This ensure in a strong company structure, with on-line maintenance added to offer a complete business data processing service.

To offer an efficient service, we work closely with a limited number of manufacturers which have a large range of high quality products.
We are careful to choose one manufacturer for one market, ensuring we do not confuse our customers and manufacturers can be sure that we do the maximum for them.

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